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Knapsack for Mac – trip planning software

Knapsack's new world map let's you view your trip's destinations at any level of detail. You can get an overview of your entire trip across countries and continents or zoom in to street level to see all the parking lots near your hotel. The new Map Search feature in Knapsack 2 helps you quickly find places, addresses, and even points of interest anywhere in the world. You can now locate cities, ho

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Mac DJ software has released their new DJ Mixing software ( DJ Mixer Pro V3.5.0) that is compatible with Mountain 10.8 Lion. Whether you're just starting out as a DJ or a seasoned vet, you will be impressed with its very user friendly interface but complex progressive mixing tools that can produce some amazing mixes. Some of the great features is that it allows you to mix audio and visual dynam

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Burning CDs and DVDs is something that is still popular today, even despite the rise of internet-only downloads. In some cases, you really need to burn your data onto a disc, which means you're going to need a piece of software to handle it for you. There are many different alternatives available on the Windows operating system but there are just a couple you can use when you're running on Mac OS

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Explore the Universe with NASA’s Visualization Explorer iPad App Thumbnail

Explore the Universe with NASA’s Visualization Explorer iPad App

If you’re looking for an iPad app that’s both entertaining and educational, then the NASA Visualization Explorer app is just for you. Designed by the software and media specialists NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Ctr. in Greenbelt, Md., NASA's Visualization Explorer, or NASA Viz for short, allows users to explore the Earth and space with their iPads. "The NASA visualization app is the latest

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Remo Recover Mac – Media Edition, the photo recovery tool for Mac OS X Thumbnail

Remo Recover Mac – Media Edition, the photo recovery tool for Mac OS X

Remo Software’s Mac Photo Recovery application for Mac OS X 3.0 version has been released recently. Therefore, we decided to review the product to see how this version performs in sniffing out deleted photos on Mac. The latest release of Mac Photo Recovery software from Remo Software titled “Remo Recover Mac – Media Edition” is priced at $69, which is designed to recover photo, audio an

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Reeder makes it’s way onto the Mac via it’s port from the wonderfully sucessful iPad and iPhone editions. Reeder keeps your Google Reader in complete sync with the desktop client. It allows you to read all your Google Reader feeds in a clean interface, and them post them to third parties like Instapaper or Twitter. I really can’t do this app justice talking about it. It is one of those apps

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